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bijouBijouSPEAKS® encourages pet owners to remember that our pets are dependent on us, and deserve our protection and care, for both their immediate and long-term welfare. If a pet owner is ill or unexpectedly dies, what would happen to their pet? Who would take care of it? Who would know what to feed it or if it was taking medications or what the disposition of the pet should be? Would your pet companion just be forgotten or turned over to someone who might not really care?

Be certain you have planned for your pet if something should happen to you. An Emergency Care and Advance Planning Information booklet posted on the refrigerator would let your wishes be known. Pre-planning for your pet will ensure a happy future for that friend of yours.

BijouSPEAKS® offers Emergency Care and Advance Planning Information booklets. CARE FOR YOUR PET...YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!

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Only $5 + 1.50 S&H

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